VeddestaGruppen AB's handling of personal data.

VeddestaGruppen AB with subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as VeddestaGruppen) handles your personal data in accordance with the EU's new data protection regulation General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

When you register your personal information via our website or via (by us) sent link, we will handle your personal information only to be able to assist you with your question / matter. When your case ends with us, your personal data will be deleted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

No personal data will be disclosed to third countries or used for automated decision making.

You as a registered person can at any time request deletion by contacting,

If you, as a registered person, believe that VeddestaGruppen does not comply with the rules regarding the handling of personal data, you should contact the Datainspektionen.

You can read more information about the rules regarding the handling of personal data at the Datainspektionen.